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Report Flytipping / Flyposting

We will remove any items that have been flytipped, flyposted, 'dumped', or not disposed of in the correct manner from public land. We cannot remove items if they are on private land.

What do you need to tell us?

We will need to know what items have been flytipped / flyposted and where. An inspector will then assess whether the items are safe to move and what equipment is needed prior to removal.

When will it be removed?

In most circumstances items will be removed in three working days, however some items (for example, asbestos) require specialist companies and may take longer to action.

How do I report flytipping / flyposting?

Click here to report online 24/7, or please use our hotline 01476 406080 during office hours, or email the details to us via  with a daytime contact number for us to call you if we need to.

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