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Dog Control Orders and Animal Fouling

Dog Control Orders are now in operation throughout the district

Following consultation the below Dog Control Orders have now been passed and we will be enforcing them. The full orders will be published on this page soon.

These orders made under the Dog Control Order (Procedure) Regulation 2006 are as follows:

1) Fouling of land order- this makes it an offence to fail to pick up dog faeces if a dog, which an individual is in charge of, defecates.

2) Dogs on leads order- this enables an authorised officer to request an individual in charge of a dog to put (and keep) the dog on a lead. The request will be made if such restraint is considered reasonably necessary.

3) Exclusion order- this excludes dogs from the areas specified which are shown on the list below. These are all enclosed children's play areas and you can click on each one to open a map in PDF format.

If prosecuted the penalty for committing an offence contained in a Dog Control Order is a maximum fine of - currently - £1,000. Alternatively, the opportunity to pay a fixed penalty of £75 may be offered in place of prosecution.

The fouling of land order and the dogs on leads orders both apply to all land within the administrative area of South Kesteven District Council to which the public have access.

The District Council consulted with Parish Councils, and the public before this order was passed.

If you feel that there is a dog fouling problem in your area please report it to us.

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