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Commercial & Industrial Waste

Information for businesses

Commercial Waste

Businesses are responsible for making sure their waste is disposed of safely and efficiently. We as a council have a responsibility to make sure businesses have the means to dispose of their recycling materials and waste.

We can arrange collection of commercial waste if requested to do so by a business, however, a contractor will collect the waste on our behalf. We will charge for this service to recover the costs to us of administration, collection and disposal of the waste. Alternately, businesses can make their own arrangements with a licensed trade waste collector. There are a number of independent licensed waste collection companies offering a business collection service. You can find them listed in service directories and online. Please bear in mind that you have a legal obligation to dispose of your trade waste safely and efficiently and could face heavy penalties, including a fine of up to £50,000 and imprisonment, if you fail in this.

You must make sure the company collecting your business waste is a licensed waste collection company. They will be authorised to remove waste and to transport and dispose of it safely. A waste transfer note (a written description of the waste) must be completed by the company removing the waste and given to you as a receipt. We have authority to request two years' documentation, and failure to produce the relevant documents can mean a £300 fixed penalty notice.

If your business transports waste as part of its operations, for example if you carry out garden landscaping and remove cuttings and grass, you will need to register with the Environment Agency as a waste carrier. If you are found to be carrying waste without such a licence you could be liable to a fine or prosecution. You can find out here if your business needs to register.

Storing waste

Every business has a responsibility to make sure any stored waste is safe, secure and poses no risk of pollution to people or to the environment. Business waste should be kept in suitable containers so that it cannot fall out, blow away or escape. You should also take all practical steps you can to protect it against the risk of theft, vandalism, animals and the elements. If you would like to report an incident of commercial waste being stored incorrectly or causing a hazard please use our online form or telephone us on the number to the left of this page.

Industrial Waste

Industrial waste is any waste from a factory, transport network, gas, electric or water services, postal or telecommunications service, mine or agricultural premises. 

The council is not responsible for monitoring or handling waste from these premises. For more information about this kind of waste please contact the Environment Agency.


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