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Chairman of the Council

Find out more about the civic functions of the Council.

Role and Function of the Chairman

The Council elects the Chairman and Vice-Chairman annually.

Principles duties and responsibilities are:-

Current Chairman and Vice-Chairman


David Nalson Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

Councillor David Nalson was appointed Chairman at the Annual meeting held on 18 April 2013. His appointment runs until April 2014.

Councillor Nalson represents the St John's Ward in Stamford.He has been a town and district councillor for many years. His interests are extremely varied. He attended Nottingham University where he read history, he has written three books including one on the official history of the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment. He has been a school governor and is a part-time volunteer at the home HQ at the Prince William of Gloucester Barracks.


Cllr Howard - Vice Chairman 2013

Councillor Reg Howard was appointed Vice-Chairman at the Annual meeting held on 18 April 2013. This appointment will run until April 2014.

Councillor Howard represents Market and West Deeping Ward and is also a town councillor for Market Deeping.

Chairman's Charities 2013/14

Each year, the Chairman nominates charities of their choice, which they will endeavour to raise money for over their presiding year.

Councillor Nalson has decided that the money he raises will be presented to Cancer Research UK.