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Register of Electors

The Electoral Register is a list of everyone who is registered to vote. You can only vote at elections if you are on the Electoral Register.

*You are not automatically registered to vote just because you pay Council Tax or are registered for any other council service.

South Kesteven District Council compiles the Register of Electors. This is a list of names and addresses of people who are registered to vote in elections. The list is updated throughout the year and is re-published on 1st December each year. Anyone whose name is not on the register cannot vote at any elections.

The way we all register to vote has changed

The registration system changed from 10 June 2014. The new system is called 'Individual Electoral Registration'.

How is the new system different?

How do I register under the new system?

1) Go to

2) Fill in your name, address, date of birth and a few other details. You'll also need your national insurance number, which can be found on your national insurance card, or in official paperwork such as payslips, or letters about benefits or tax credits.

3) Look out for a confirmation to say you're registered.

Will I need to do anything?

1) Initial letters were sent out during July/August and reminder letters and visits are taking place from September 2014.

Most people who are already registered to vote will be registered automatically under the new system. They do not need to do anything. However, some people will need to take action to join the new register. We are writing to people to tell them whether they need to take action.

2) Respond to the letter if you are asked to

The letter will tell you whether you are on the new register or whether you need to take action. It will tell you what to do.

To find out more go to

Who can register?

People who can register include:

There are two registers. Why?

Using information received from the public, registration officers keep two registers - the electoral register and the open register (also known as the edited register).

The electoral register lists the names and addresses of everyone who is registered to vote in public elections.

The register is used for electoral purposes - such as making sure only eligible people can vote - and for other limited purposes specified in law. The personal data in the register must always be processed in line with data-protection legislation.

Who uses the electoral register?

It is a criminal offence for anyone to supply or use the register for anything else.

The open register is an extract of the electoral register; but is not used for elections. It can be bought by any person, company or organisation. For example, it is used by businesses and charities to confirm name and address details. The personal data in the register must always be processed in line with data protection legislation.

Your name and address will be included in the open register unless you ask for them to be removed. Removing your details from the open register would not affect your right to vote.

Who uses the open register?

Users of the open register include:

Viewing the Electoral Register

The Electoral Register is available for inspection. However the Representation of the People Regulations require that this inspection must take place under supervision and no copies may be taken either by photocopying, camera or downloading to a memory stick. However, handwritten notes may be made, but cannot be used for marketing purposes. It can be inspected at the Council Offices, St Peter's Hill, Grantham during normal office hours Monday to Friday, and copies are also available for inspection at our 3 area offices in Stamford, Bourne and Market Deeping.

Anyone wishing to make an extended search should telephone electoral services on 01476 406080 to make appropriate arrangements in advance.