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The Annual Canvass and Rolling Register explained

The Annual Canvass

The Annual Canvass is conducted every year to ensure that the Register of Electors remains complete and accurate. In order to do this the Council delivers a canvass form to every household in the District.

The last annual canvass was carried out from 1 October 2013 until February 2014 and the revised Electoral Register was published on 17th February 2014 and will be in force until 30 November 2014.

Rolling Registration

Rolling registration allows new residents to be added to the electoral register on a monthly basis outside of the annual canvass period. This happens at the beginning of each month during the months outside of the annual canvass, as long as the individual making the application is qualified and completes an electoral registration form. Deletions and amendments are also made each month.

Applications for registration must be received by the Electoral Services office by a cut off date each month. Applications received on or before the cut off date will be included on the register on the first working day of the following month.

Rolling registration dates for 2014

If we receive your application to be included on the Electoral Register by:You will be included on the Electoral Register (providing no objections are made) from:
Friday 7 February 2014Monday 3 March 2014
Monday 10 March 2014Tuesday 1 April 2014
Friday 11 April 2014Thursday 24 April 2014
Friday 25 April 2014Wednesday 7th May 2014
Tuesday 6 May 2014Thursday 15 May 2014
Friday 9 May 2014Monday 2 June 2014
Monday 9 June 2014Tuesday 1 July 2014
Thursday 10 July 2014Friday 1 August 2014
Friday 8 August 2014Monday 1 September 2014