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We assist people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. Please see the following pages to find information and advice on how we can help you.

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  1. Leaflets and Information
  2. What is a homelessness application?
  3. Where and when is a homelessness application taken?
  4. What will happen if a homelessness application is taken?
  5. Temporary accommodation
  6. What if I do not agree with the decision?

We assist people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. Our first priority is to try and prevent people becoming homeless, so it is vital we are contacted as early as possible when a housing problem occurs.

Please see the links above to help navigate you around our homelessness pages.

You can contact our Housing Options Team using the contact details on the left or by visiting one of the Council Offices.

Our Housing Options Team will seek to resolve your housing problems before they reach the point where you lose your home.  This may include helping you to stay in your home through negotiating with your householder or landlord to allow you to stay either permanently or so you can plan to move on in an organised way.  Alternatively our involvement could be helping you to find alternative accommodation through other housing options.

When you contact us with a housing problem, one of our Housing Options Advisors will take details of your circumstances and guide you through your options.  We may wish to interview you, either at our offices or at your home, and a homelessness application may be taken from you.

Please see our Housing Advice section for further details of the help we can offer, as well as our leaflets and information.  Also Homeless Link offer advice on their Are You Homeless? section.

Homelessness Forum

We also hold a Homelessness Forum.  The aim of the Homelessness Forum is to engage with other agencies involved in working with homeless people to exchange ideas and best practices. The Forum helps to shape the strategic development of the council's homelessness services.  For further information please contact the team.