Voter ID - what you need to do ahead of the May 2023 elections

On Thursday May 4th, local elections will be taking place across South Kesteven.

The way to vote is changing, so to vote at a polling station you will need to show photo ID before you are issued with a ballot paper.

Most voters will already have an accepted form of ID - and those who haven't can apply online or via SKDC.

Returning Officer for South Kesteven, Karen Bradford, who is also SKDC's Chief Executive, said: "The new rule affects all voters who vote in person or by proxy at the local elections on Thursday May 4th.

"It is the first election to require voter photo ID, and an important one where all 56 South Kesteven District Council seats, plus all town and parish council seats, will be filled.

"As part of our role in administering these elections, SKDC will be making it as straightforward as possible for those who need to obtain the right ID so they can cast their vote.

"Everyone will be required to show one form of photo ID at the polling station when they vote, but it needs to be the original version and not a photocopy."

A full list of all documents that are accepted at polling stations are listed by the Government here: An accepted photo ID which is out of date but still bears a good likeness, can be used to vote.

People who don't already have an accepted form of photo ID or are not sure if their current photo ID is still a good likeness, can apply for a free voter ID document - a Voter Authority Certificate - from the end of this month, either online at or through SKDC by completing a paper application form or applying in person. This must be done before 5pm on Tuesday, April 25th, but you should apply as soon as possible.

To request a paper application form or to make an appointment to apply in person contact SKDC's elections team on 01476 406080, email You will need to provide a passport quality photograph, your National Insurance Number and your date of birth.

Nothing will change for those who have chosen to vote by post.

For more information on the May local elections, including how to register to vote, visit: