NEW: Voter ID at Local Elections on 4 May 2023

You will need to bring photo ID to vote at a polling station at the next election

From 4 May 2023 onwards, all voters will be required to show an accepted form of photographic identification (photo ID) at a polling station before they are given a ballot paper.  

The Government introduced this law in the Elections Act 2022, and it will take effect for the first time in England on 4 May 2023 and will affect all voters  who vote in person or by proxy at the next local elections on Thursday 4 May 2023.  You will not be required to provide photo ID for voting by post.

pdf icon Voter ID - Your Guide [1Mb]

pdf icon Voter ID Plain Text Guide [214kb]

pdf icon Voter ID Easy Read Guide [1Mb]

Acceptable forms of Photo ID

What if you don't have one of these forms of ID?

If you do not have any of these accepted photo ID documents and want to vote at the polling station, you will need to apply for Voter Authority Certificate - a free photographic identification document specific for the purposes of voting.

The deadline for applying for a Voter Authority Certificate for the elections being held on 4 May 2023 is 5pm on Tuesday 25 April 2023.

Apply for a Voter Authority Certificate

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