SKDC confirms 36,000 Council Tax rebates - and what will happen next for everyone else

In the past two weeks almost 36,000 Council Tax rebate payments have reached householders' bank accounts to help counter energy price rises.

This is a total rebate of £5,399,550 for those who pay Council Tax by direct debit on 1, 11 and 21 April - to 35,997 householders, whose bank account validation checks have all been confirmed.

Those whose first direct debit for 2022/23 is successfully paid on 1 and 11 May will receive their payment week beginning 16 May, and those successfully pay on 21 May will receive their rebate week beginning 23 May, where bank validation checks are passed.

SKDC expects to contact the first of the non-direct debit account holders from 13 June, by a letter in the post, containing an invitation to apply online via SKDC's secure website to help smooth the process. There will be further contact details for those unable to access the online systems.

Cllr Adam Stokes, Deputy Leader of the Council, said: "These one-off payments for households in Council Tax bands A-D are from the Government to soften the blow of higher energy prices. 

"We thank the SKDC staff who have worked tirelessly to get payments made promptly to those we have bank account details for; those who pay their council tax by direct debit.

"We are keen to distribute this money as quickly as possible. But unfortunately, to ensure the rebate system is safe and secure, we have to completely match bank account details with the bill-payer details to be able to make these payments, so for those where bank details can't be validated or are not on a direct debit, we anticipate a slightly longer process. This does not mean their payments will be questioned or that anyone will miss out; it is simply a case of verifying the accounts match up."

SKDC would still urge those who do not yet pay by direct debit - some 14,500 households - to set one up to allow the rebate to be paid quickly and easily.

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