South Kesteven District Council is carrying out a Community Governance Review to decide if a new parish or town council should be set up for Grantham and if any parts of the neighbouring parishes should be included in any new council.  

A key part of any Community Governance Review is public consultation.

Stage 2 Consultation on Boundary

SKDC has to decide where the boundary of the new town/parish council should be drawn and if changes should be made to realign parish boundaries in line with District ward boundaries. 

When the Boundary Commission for England reviewed the SKDC ward boundaries in 2015, three small areas of adjacent parishes were included within the one of Grantham's district wards.  These areas are currently within the parishes of Great Gonerby, Londonthorpe & Harrowby Without and Belton & Manthorpe.   This means the people who live in properties within these areas are represented by Grantham District Councillors - but are also part of a separate parish for administrative purposes.

The Council would like to know if those living in these areas are happy with this arrangement, or if they would prefer us to realign parish and ward boundaries so that they are in line with each other. Households in the areas under consideration are currently being contacted directly to find out what they think. This phase of the consultation closes on 19 December 2022.

Feedback will be considered by SKDC's Community Governance Review Working Group and will inform the recommendation they make to South Kesteven District Council. The Council will then determine a proposed administrative external boundary for the new parish/town council of Grantham. A further consultation on the formal draft proposals will then be undertaken.

The areas under consideration are:

Great Gonerby parish

This affects 78 properties currently within the parish of Great Gonerby

pdf icon Click here to view map of the area [5Mb]

Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without parish

This affects 189 properties currently within the parish of Londonthorpe and Harrowby Without  

pdf icon Click here to view map of the area [6Mb]

Belton and Manthorpe parish

This affects 111 properties currently within the parish of Belton and Manthorpe  

pdf icon Click here to view map of the area [7Mb]

Stage 1 Consultation

 The first stage consultation took place between 11 March and 22 April 2022. The first stage consultation closed on 22 April 2022.   Further information and the results from this first stage consultation are available below.

The Community Governance Review Working Group, comprising of the councillors for the Grantham District wards, considered the feedback received during the first stage of consultation and made recommendations on the next steps of the review.   The minutes of the meetings of the Working Group can be viewed here

At the meeting of full Council on 26 May 2022, South Kesteven District Council agreed in principle to the recommendations of the Working Group for the establishment of a Parish Council for Grantham, subject to undertaking further consultation to consider the boundary.  The report considered by Council on 26 May can be viewed  here.

This decision was informed by consultation undertaken with those living in Grantham and surrounding parishes earlier this year, which showed strong support for the creation of a new town/parish council. Two thirds of respondents (974 or 66.2%) were in favour.

What happens next

As a result of the need for the additional phase of consultation to establish the boundary for a new parish/town council for Grantham, the timeline for the review will be reconsidered by the Working Group and revised accordingly.  A revised Terms of Reference will be published.

After the consultation has taken place with residents and parish councils to establish the boundary, the Community Governance Review Working Group will meet to discuss and make recommendations on the draft proposals, which will include the boundary of the proposed new council, year of election, the  number of councillors, together with the number, boundaries and names of wards.

The draft recommendations will then be subject to further public consultation before final recommendations are published and considered by councillors.

Further information and documents, including the terms of reference can be found below:

Stage 1 Consultation Results and Documents


Alternative formats are available on request in audio, large print and Braille from South Kesteven District Council 01476 40 60 80 or via