Invitation to Tender

The Council wishes to invite tenders for the supply of goods and works in respect of in channel habitat creation and improvement works for the River Witham, Grantham. A specialist contractor is required to deliver habitat improvement and creation through bank softening and in channel works, including berm installation and tree hinging, along with delivering volunteering opportunities through the works.

This requirement is separate to the previous tender that went out - 'River Slea and River Witham In-Channel Habitat Creation and Improvement, Sleaford and Grantham, Lincolnshire' on 8th April 2022. The project could not be included in the previous tender due to restrictions and amendments delaying the Flood Permit.

The project is match funded by the European Structural Investment Fund under their European Regional Development Fund funding stream, and the SKDC is required to follow the grant funders route to market and procurement thresholds.

The aims and objectives of this contract are:

  • To enhance ecological value along the River Witham at Queen Elizabeth Park, Grantham.

Works include:

  • Berm creation
  • Tree hinging
  • Tree Works
  • Volunteer Engagement

To express interest or access tender documents, please visit the Contracts Finder Service.

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