Invitation to Tender

South Kesteven District Council invites tenders for Habitat Creation & Improvement Work, and Volunteer Engagement at Learning Provision at the Lollycocks Field Nature Reserve and Local Wildlife Site, Eastgate Road, Sleaford, as part of the Witham/Slea Blue Green Corridor Project.

The project is match funded by the European Structural Investment Fund under their European Regional Development Fund funding stream, and the SKDC is required to follow the grant funders route to market and procurement thresholds.

The aims/objectives of this contract are to enhance ecological value through:

  • the development of a hedgerow on the boundary between Lollycocks and Eastgate Road
  • the refurbishment of a scrape located on the site
  • the development of 2 smaller scrapes to accompany the existing scrape
  • marginal works around the pond edge
  • grassland management to enhance the grasslands located on the site
  • increasing wild flowers on the site
  • woodland management
  • habitat creation for birds, bats, small mammals, invertebrates and amphibians
  • installation of a boardwalk
  • community engagement on the site and through providing education to young people using the works carried out on the site

Project website:

To express interest or access tender documents, please use reference DN585868 in the search opportunities section on the below website:

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