The Safer Lincolnshire Partnership is the single multi-agency forum for addressing community safety issues across Lincolnshire. For information on the Partnership including, it's aims and objectives, its current key priorities as well as a list of agencies that form the partnership please go to the Safer Lincolnshire Partnership website.

Sharing information

Agencies use a multi-agency case management system to record and response effectively to reports received in relation to anti-social behaviour. 

Our commitment and expectations

What we ask of you:

  • Report the behaviour
  • Give details - to enable us to collate information of what is occurring, the persistence of the behaviour and the impact it is having
  • Keep a record of the behaviour - we will ask people affected by the behaviour to complete a diary, or possibly a written statement to evidence what they have experienced.

In return, we will:

  • Record all complaints received, and will give advice
  • Remain in regular contact with you and offer support
  • Agree an action plan with you so that you are aware of action being taken and what it expected from you at each stage
  • Look at the facts and assess the type, extent and seriousness of the problem and decide what action is necessary and proportionate to help resolve it.
  • We will consider a range of enforcement powers to enable us to deal with various types of ASB. These powers are incremental and usually start with a letter advising someone to cease their ASB. If these steps are not effective, action can ultimately be taken through the courts.