If an animal has been poorly treated it can be dangerous to the public or other animals. Find out how to stay safe from aggressive or neglected animals, report them and help us bring their owners to account.

Common types of nuisance animal

Aggressive or out of control animals

Some owners of animals, particularly dogs, train them to be aggressive and use them to threaten or intimidate other people. This could either be while they are walking the animal, or by leaving it tied up somewhere public.

If a vulnerable person or animal strayed into its reach, or the animal got loose, this could represent a serious danger to the public.

Animals used for illegal activities

Some animals are bred and trained to take part in illegal activities such as dog fights, hare coursing and badger baiting. Not only can this harm the animal in question, it often leads to other animals being persecuted, abused, injured and killed for sport.

These activities should be reported to us by calling Lincolnshire Police on 101 or completing their online crime reporting form or by reporting to the RSPCA.

What is the impact?

Like all forms of violence, if left unchecked this situation could get worse. More people would buy and raise aggressive animals so as not to be intimidated by other people's animals.

Not only would this make for more intimidating and less safe communities it would mean a huge increase in the numbers of abused and tormented animals. We can't let this happen.

Report it

Aggressive animals

If you've witnessed an aggressive or out of control animal, or an owner using an animal to intimidate people, please call Lincolnshire Police on 101.

Likewise, if you know someone who is using animals in illegal activities such as dog fighting, please call Lincolnshire Police on 101.

Stray or abandoned animals

To report an injured stray or abandoned animal please contact your local veterinary surgery or the RSPCA either on 0300 12234 999 or via the RSPCA website.

If the situation requires it, they will contact us for assistance.

If you find a stray dog that isn't sick or injured, please report it to us.