New council housing a step closer as work starts on SKDC project

Work to build the first of several new council properties in South Kesteven has begun at a site in Meadow Close, Bourne.

The development, by South Kesteven District Council, is one in a series of social housing projects to bring much-needed housing to the people who really need it.

Meadow Close is the first of two new-build sites, with a second, at Trinity Road, Stamford, due to get under way in the coming weeks - together bringing a total of 12 new council homes.

They will be allocated to those on the housing register and follow recent successful SKDC developments in Kinoulton Court and at Earlesfield Lane, both in Grantham.

Meadow Close 2

Cabinet Member for Housing and Property, Cllr Robert Reid, said: "These new flats and bungalows form part of South Kesteven District Council's commitment to deliver good quality social housing across the district.

"They are sensitive developments providing new homes as we work hard to meet the district's future housing demand. This supports the ambitions laid out in our Corporate Plan, to provide housing that meets the needs of all residents.   

"The first development is close to the centre of Bourne, is in keeping with the character of South Kesteven and will benefit those who already live locally."

Meadow Close 3 Meadow Close 4

The Meadow Close project, in partnership with D Brown Building Contractors Ltd, comprises four flats and three bungalows and is set to be complete by April 2022. The land is owned by SKDC and currently used for parking. Five more new homes will follow in Stamford.

Meadow Close already has a mixture of bungalows and small blocks of flats, and residents there were involved in local consultations which helped shape the new development before it was put forward for planning consent. 

All properties will have lifetime home features, making them fully accessible and easily adaptable for additional needs at minimal cost. One car parking space is to be provided for each of the flats, together with a further ten spaces providing a total of 17 extra spaces across both sites.

The properties will be built using timber frame construction which has several benefits:

  • It is more ecological and sustainable than bricks due to responsible and renewable sourcing, low production energy usage and being a natural store for carbon
  • Good insulative properties for better energy performance
  • A faster and less disruptive build

New jobs will be created during construction and the work will also help sustain jobs in raw materials provision and support services.

Meadow Close 1

Senior Quantity Surveyor Sean Buxton and Contracts Manager Tony Hughes, both of D Brown Building Contractors, with SKDC Cabinet Member for Housing and Property, Cllr Robert Reid, and SKDC Director for Housing and Property, Andrew Cotton.