The Stamford Neighbourhood Plan

The Stamford Neighbourhood Development Plan has been produced by The Stamford First Neighbourhood Plan Group (On behlaf of Stamford Town Council the qualifying body) in consultation with residents, businesses, landowners and other stakeholder organisations. The Neighbourhood Development Plan covers the Civil Parishes of Stamford and seeks to guide the future development within the identified Neighbourhood area until 2036. The Plan includes a vision, set of objectives and a series of neighbourhood wide policies.

Stamford Town Council   formally submitted the proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan and supporting evidence to South Kesteven District Council on the 20th November 2020.

In accordance with the amended Town and Country Planning Act 1990, the District Council has made an initial assessment of the Neighbourhood Plan and the supporting documents and is satisfied that these comply with the specified criteria.

pdf icon STNP - Decision Notice [155kb]


The Stamford Neighbourhood Plan - Inspectors Report

17th May 2022 - Following on resumption of the Stamford Neighbourhood Plan Examination, appointed Inspector Andrew Ashcroft has completed the Examination of the Stamford Neighbourhood Plan and subsequently provided the Final Examiner's Report to SKDC. The Examination report can be found below; 

The Stamford Neighbourhood Plan - Examination Report.

SKDC are currently now considering the Inspectors report


Postponement of  the Stamford Neighbourhood Plan

On 1 September 2021 Rutland County Council (RCC) resolved to withdraw the submitted Rutland Local Plan from examination and to prepare a new Plan.

This note assesses the implications of RCC's decision to withdraw the Local Plan on the Stamford Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). It also sets out the next steps of the examination process

Due to these circumstances, it has been agreed that no further work will be undertaken on the examination for three months whilst the wider matter is being considered by the two planning authorities. The process will reassess the situation in early January 2022 and produce a further note at that time. 

pdf icon Postponement Notification [108kb]


Clarification note on the Stamford Neighbourhood Plan

On the 13th May 2021 appointed Examiner Andrew Ashcroft sent his clarification note to the Parish Council proposing a number of questions in regard to the Neighbourhood Plan and subsequent representations made, this note can be viewed below; 

pdf icon Stamford Neighbourhood Plan Clarification Note. [160kb]


The Stamford Neighbourhood Plan Examination

South Kesteven District Council has now submitted the Stamford Neighbourhood Plan for independent examination. The consultation has now closed, and the Plan is being examined by Inspector Andrew Ashcroft. Formal examination of the Plan began on the 26th of April 2021. The examiner has requested that representations submitted to the consultation are published on our website. These can be seen below; 

The Stamford Neighbourhood Plan - Consultation Responses ( redacted)


Regulation 16 - Consultation on the proposed Stamford Neighbourhood Plan

The District Council is required to publish the proposed Neighbourhood Plan for public consultation to provide an opportunity to comment on the submitted proposals, before the Plan goes to examination.

The public consultation took place between the 8th March 2021 and the 19th April 2021. The consultation documents can be found below; 


Consultation Documentation 

The consultation documents can be viewed electronically below:

Regulation 16 - Stamford Neighbourhood Plan



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