Business Rates (FOI)

The Council receive a number of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests relating to business rate accounts. To avoid the need to make a specific request the Council publish the following reports:

Live NNDR accounts with:

  1. Discretionary Reliefs 

  2. Exemptions 

  3. Mandatory Reliefs

  4. Retail Reliefs

  5. RV and Chg

  6. Small Business Rate Reliefs

  7. Current valuation information is published at this location:

  8. Business grants information and eligibility - more information is available at the InvestSK website:

These reports are published quarterley and therefore we will not provide individual responses to requests for information held in the above reports but will re-direct requests to this web page.

If the information you require is not covered by any of the reports, please contact us to make a formal request for information by emailing

Important information

•    Ratepayers names and correspondence addresses are only provided for Limited companies and not for individuals (sole traders, partnerships). Data protection prevents the publication of individual names.

•    The Business Rates records show who is liable to pay the charge, not who owns the property; the ratepayer may either be a leaseholder, occupier, or owner.

•    The correspondence address is the last known contact address on the business rates record. The council cannot vouch for the ongoing accuracy of the data as accounts are being updated daily.

•    The information is a snapshot taken on the day the report is created.

Limitations of data and exemptions

Limitations to what the Council publish:

DataExemption under FOIA
Ratepayer's names and correspondence addresses are not provided where the ratepayer is an individual (sole traders, partnerships etc.)Section 40(2) personal information is exempt from disclosure unless one of the conditions set out in Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation is met. We are satisfied that none of these conditions are met in this case, and we are therefore unable to release this information.
Details of credit balance write-insSection 31(1)(a) likely to prejudice law enforcement. Please refer to the ICO decision notice FS50865388.
Actual rates paid by parties

Section 41(1) the information was provided in confidence.

Section 43(2) commercial interests.

This decision was upheld by the ICO in decision notice: FS50873141.

Account credit balances

Section 31(1)(a) likely to prejudice law enforcement, upheld by the ICO in decision notice: FS50873141 & FS50865388.

Section 41(1) the information was provided in confidence

Section 43(2) commercial interests.

Empty property data

Section 31(1)(a) likely to prejudice law enforcement, prevention or detection of crime.

Refer to:

Published documents: