SKDC Corporate Plan

South Kesteven District Council has agreed a new Corporate Plan setting out its vision and priorities for the next three years.

The key document will provide the framework for the delivery of services to residents and businesses and aims to make South Kesteven the best district in which to live, work and to visit.

Five priorities are highlighted in the Corporate Plan, based on an analysis of the current performance of SKDC both as a district and as a council, and emerging opportunities and challenges:

  • Growth and the Economy
  • Housing that meets the needs of all residents
  • Healthy and Strong communities
  • A Clean and Sustainable Environment
  • A High Performing Council

Actions that will help the council achieve its goals include:

  • Investment in leisure facilities
  • A commitment to reduce the council's carbon footprint
  • Delivery of the St Martin's Park project in Stamford
  • Building of high-quality homes of all types and tenures in the district
  • The implementation of our Covid-19 recovery plan