Annual Position Statement

The Annual Position Statement sets out the 5 year housing land position for South Kesteven District Council

Annual Position Statement 2021

Current Status

South Kesteven District Council submitted the South Kesteven Annual Position Statement on 30th July 2021 to the Planning Inspectorate, along with supporting evidence. The Annual Position Statement sets out the 5 year housing land position statement as at 1 April 2021 and was prepared in consultation with developers, landowners and key stakeholders.

On 12th October 2021, the Council received notification from the Planning Inspectorate to confirm the 5 year housing supply for South Kesteven. The report received can be seen below;

The Annual Position Statement 2021 seeks to renew the Annual Position Statement 2020 confirmed by the Secretary of State in October 2020. The Inspector's Report confirms that satisfactory stakeholder engagement has been undertaken in preparing the Annual Position Statement.

Following an adjustment to eight individual sites, the report concludes that the 5-year total supply calculated by the Council should be reduced by 533 dwellings to 4,001 dwellings. Notwithstanding the reduction, the report confirms that the Council has a housing land supply equivalent to 5.22 years' supply of deliverable sites for one year, i.e., until 31st October 2022.

An updated Annual Position Statement incorporating the Inspectors comments and Statement of Engagement can be found below;

Click here for the -Final Annual Position Statement 2021 Click here for the - Final Engagement Statement 2021

All documents submitted to the Planning Inspectorate can be viewed via the links below.


Annual Position Statement 2020