SKDC shows support for families at Christmas

Staff and members at South Kesteven District Council have donated hundreds of gifts and essential items to local foodbanks to help support vulnerable people across the district this Christmas.

Collection boxes were stationed at civic offices in Grantham, Stamford, Bourne and The Deepings for staff and councillors to donate goods to their local foodbank.

Items range from Christmas treats such as chocolate and toys, through to important regular requirements such as tinned food, dried goods, toothpaste and toilet paper.

South Kesteven District Council Leader Cllr Kelham Cooke said: "All four foodbanks experience an increase in demand in the run-up to Christmas and we wanted to do our bit to help in the face of mounting pressure at a busy time of year.

"I hope that our contribution, along with the other charitable work I know goes on right across our district, will bring some respite and happiness to those for whom Christmas may be a difficult time."

Volunteers are now sorting the donations into food parcels for delivery around South Kesteven.

"Helping out at Christmas brings normality to people's lives," said Grantham Foodbank co-ordinator Brian Hanbury. "We try to restore dignity, bring hope and rebuild the local community in what is a 'community hug' at the hardest time in a person's life."

"As it gets colder people choose between heating and other priorities", said Louise Rose, the Operations Manager at Stamford Foodbank. "We like to supply extra treats to help during the festive season, whether people are currently receiving food parcels or not, so that they don't have to find that extra money."

Deepings Foodbank volunteer helper Graham Thompson said: "It's all about top-ups to keep people going at what is an expensive time for families."

"At Christmas we're always in need of the essentials but it's also nice to be able to hand out items that people can make a meal out of," said Bourne Foodbank Operations Manager Maureen Cornell.

Picture 1: South Kesteven District Council Leader Cllr Kelham Cooke with part of the SKDC foodbank donation

Picture 2: Grantham Foodbank co-ordinator Brian Hanbury (centre, back) with volunteers receiving the SKDC donation

South Kesteven District Council Leader Cllr Kelham Cooke with part of the SKDC foodbank donation Grantham Foodbank Christmas 2019