We're looking for local businesses of all types to join the scheme and show their support by offering a discount / special offer on goods and services to engage with our Armed Forces community.

Local businesses should get in touch to express an interest in joining the scheme. All we need from you is your business name, business sector, contact details and a description of the discount or incentive you're willing to offer. You might want to offer a simple % discount or utilise the scheme to drive footfall / trade at quiet times e.g. an eatery might consider the offer as a special for children, an evening buy-one-get-one-free or free desserts etc. The choice is yours!

Another type of business might look to promote an offer which is being launched or could do with an extra push. Remember that these could well be new customers for you so a bit of creativity will really pay off and build loyalty with customers from the armed forces community. 

How it works: All we need is for you to register as a business on our website and then apply to participate in our scheme.  Please click the link below.

Sign up as a business

Participating businesses will receive a welcome pack to include digital design materials to use for both physical and digital promotion to show they're involved. Plastic membership cards will be issued to eligible residents for them to present when making a purchase, at which point the agreed discount will be applied.

Thank you to the many local businesses and traders who have already signed up to join the South Kesteven Armed Forces Discount Scheme.