Food Waste Recycling Trial to continue

South Kesteven District Council's pioneering food waste collection trial is to continue, with talks under way to expand the project to more residents.

SKDC is writing to the 4,000 homes that took part to ask for their views on the trial, which is first of its kind in Lincolnshire. 

The feedback will help decide what happens in other parts of South Kesteven and across the county as the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership aims for the best value for money across the waste service. 

Cabinet Member for Commercial & Operations, Cllr Dr Peter Moseley, said: "I'm delighted to say that since we launched last summer the public has really got behind this initiative to make the trial a resounding success. 

"It also offered a perfect opportunity for people to look at the amount of food waste they generate. Together we have now recycled over 290 tonnes of food waste in less than a year, which is a great result for something so new to residents. 

"We are keen to explore ways to divert refuse away from the county's busy Energy from Waste facility, which is almost at capacity. Food waste accounts for a significant proportion of black bin refuse and is less efficient to incinerate because it is so rich in moisture. Recycling food waste into soil conditioner and electricity is a greener and cleaner solution. 

"We will continue to set the bar high for what is a first for Lincolnshire, laying strong foundations for the future. Our continued work will ensure that another of our 100-plus services is the best it can be for residents, and that SKDC is among the most innovative councils in the country when it comes to determining how services are provided in the future. 

Since launching in June 2018 the trial has far exceeded the expectations of the partnership, which is funding the project. More than 85% of those invited to take part are actively recycling thrown-away food. 

County Councillor Eddy Poll, chairman of the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership, said: "We are pleased that SKDC is continuing the trial, on behalf of the partnership. 

"The results show us that, if there is an option available, residents are happy to separate out their food waste - leaving us with clean, valuable recycling. We are now looking to see if this is something we could roll out across the county in the future." 

For media enquiries, email the SKDC communications team at or call 01476 406440.