European Parliament Elections

If the UK is still in the EU on Thursday 23 May then polls will take place that day in the UK.

Click through for the figures from 23 May Election: 

EU Verification Update South Kesteven Local Election result

South Kesteven is in the East Midlands Region for elections to the European Parliament.  The East Midlands Region comprises of Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Northamptonshire.

For the East Midlands Region, the election will be co-ordinated by the Regional Returning Officer at Kettering Borough Council.

The Notice of Election for these elections is published on 15 April 2019.

A copy of the election timetable for these is elections is available here 

'Statement of Parties and Individual Candidates Nominated and Notice of Poll' for the East Midlands region

'Notice of Situation of Polling Stations' for South Kesteven Counting Area

'Notice of election agents' for East Midlands region

Information for Voters:

Registering to Vote

If you are unsure whether you are registered, contact our Electoral Services team on 01476 406080 or email

If you haven't already registered, you can register to vote online. The deadline to register for the European Parliament elections is Tuesday 7 May 2019.  

EU citizen living in the UK

If you are a citizen of an EU country (other than the UK, Republic of Ireland, Malta and Cyprus) resident in the UK, you can either vote in the UK or in your home country.

If you want to vote in the UK, you must:

1. Register to vote by 7 May

2. Download and fill in the European Parliament voter registration form and send it to the Electoral Registration Office, South Kesteven District Council, Council Offices, St Peter's Hill, Grantham, NG31 6PZ or email a signed copy to It must arrive by 7 May 2019.

Postal and Proxy Voting

If you are unable to vote at your polling station on polling day you can choose to apply to vote by post or by proxy (appointing someone else to vote at the polling station for you).

The deadline for receipt of applications to vote by post or to change/cancel an existing postal or proxy vote is Wednesday 8 May 2019.  To be able to vote by post or proxy you must be registered to vote.

The deadline for applying for a proxy vote is 5pm Wednesday 15 May.  

Postal and Proxy application forms can be downloaded at

Postal and proxy vote applications cannot be submitted online and must signed and returned to the Electoral Registration Officer, South Kesteven District Council, Council Offices, St Peter's Hill, Grantham NG31 6PZ and be received by the deadlines above to be effective for the European elections.

If you are likely to be unable to vote in person on polling, make sure you get your application to us as early as possible.

Contact our elections team on 01476 406080 or email further help or guidance.