Big LotterySK win for local good cause supporter

A Grantham woman has won £2,000 in Saturday's LotterySK draw.

Mrs W had bought her ticket to support Grantham Canal Society, and was among 45 people to scoop prizes in the weekly online contest. 

There are now over 120 good causes receiving money directly from LotterySK, which is on course to raise over £73,000 for the community in its first year. 

Grantham Canal Society is set to top £3,000 of donations this year as it continues to build support. Its long term ambition will ultimately see the canal restored, re-opened and back in use along its entire length. 

The group is 50 years old this year and in the midst of a major lock restoration project, for which it secured an £800,000 grant. But it still has to raise its own cash to support the scheme. 

Society fundraiser Neil White said: "We are restoring a series of four locks in an initial five-year project at Woolsthorpe by Belvoir. We have finished Lock 15 and learned a lot - which we can take forward and help us on 14. 

"We contribute to the grant funding and the work is done by volunteers. We need 32,000 bricks for the wall. If we can restore locks 12 and 13, there is a chance we can open the canal for 20 miles." 

The canal originally ran into the centre of Grantham and linked Grantham to Nottingham and beyond to the rest of the country via the extensive national system of waterways. 

Cllr Kelham Cooke, SKDC's Deputy Leader, said: "It is good to see causes like this benefit from LotterySK, because when we launched it, this is exactly what we had in mind. The society has been working towards full restoration for 50 years and I hope its long-term success encourages other groups to sign up and enjoy the benefits of working with LotterySK."

Sixty per cent of every weekly £1 lottery ticket goes to good causes working within South Kesteven, either to a nominated cause or into the council-backed Community Fund. Every ticket has a one in 50 chance to win, with a top prize of £25,000. You can buy tickets or register as a good cause at 

For media enquiries:Email the SKDC communications team at or call 01476 406498 or 406440.