Green space protected by natural barrier

Landscaping work is under way at a popular open space in Market Deeping to protect the parkland for the future.

A natural barrier - or bund - is being created along the edge of green areas owned by South Kesteven District Council either side of the Towngate end of Tattershall Drive. 

The area has in the past been subject to illegal camping, and a wooden fence was sawn through for vehicles to gain access. 

Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Dr Peter Moseley, said: "This land is for the benefit of residents and should be kept that way. It's a lovely park and we wanted to make sure we improved the area in a way that people wanted. 

"We have been talking with local people ever since the residents' group came to a Full Council meeting in June 2017 with a petition of more than 400 names to protect the park. Residents and the town council worked together to clear debris and tipped waste left at the site. 

"But we needed a permanent solution. They didn't want boulders, for instance, and this option of creating a landscaped trench provides a natural barrier. 

"It has taken time but we wanted to get this right both for the people who live here and visit, and for the variety of plant and animal life in this habitat, which is largely rural but at the edge of the urban area. To support that biodiversity, we are adding a wildflower seed mix to the bund in keeping with the countryside, which will undoubtedly enhance the area." 

The two areas of land - one each side of Tattershall Drive - are widely used by locals for sports, dog walking and enjoying the outdoors. 

Despite South Kesteven District Council installing a low, temporary wooden fence, there have been several incursions by travellers over the years. The most recent was in August 2018 when a chainsaw was used to gain access. SKDC acted swiftly to move the travellers on and worked towards a solution. 

The new landscaping will create a natural long-term barrier without reducing the appeal of the open space. 

Pic 1: Members of the local residents' group meet Cllr Dr Peter Moseley as work commenced at Tattershall Drive, Market Deeping 

1- Members of the local residents' group meet Cllr Dr Peter Moseley as w...

Pic 2: Bund creation

Tattershall Drive work under way

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