Any comments made will be processed in accordance with the Councils obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What is the basis for processing of information?

In commenting on an application, you are requesting that the Local Planning Authority uses the content (including any personal data) in the performance of a public task associated with the planning application process as set out in established legislation. This forms the lawful basis for the processing of information.

What will your information be used for?

All representations received in respect of a planning application will be used in association with the processing of an application, in accordance with the various Town & Country Planning Acts. In particular the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 including any amendments, consequential, subsequent or supplemental legislation such as the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015.

We aim to handle your personal data responsibly, and limit information which is publicly available. We will not publish your personal email address, signatures and any contact numbers but we may hold this information on our planning system. In the event that sensitive information is submitted to us as part of a comment or supporting document, such as medical information, education details, or financial data, we will aim to treat it sensitively but may hold this within our planning system.

Your information could also be used to contact you regarding aspects of the planning process for example:-

Furthermore, there may be times when the Local Planning Authority is required to share your comments (including some personal information) with others in connection with the planning application process.

Examples include:

If you have any concerns with regard to how your data may be shared, please contact the Case Officer for the application in question.

How is the information held?

All representations received are transferred onto the planning file for the application in question. Planning application files form part of the statutory register which the Local Planning Authority is required to keep in accordance with the Town & Country Planning Acts. Comments may also be required to be kept for defined periods in accordance with other legislation such as the Local Government Access to Information Act.

The Council holds applications files in both electronic and hard-copy format whilst being considered.

Current, un-decided applications are available to view by the public at the Councils Offices by request. Within such files, it is possible to view all comments received on an application. Periodically, post-decision, working files are converted to electronic versions, and subsequently are only held in this format.

Retention of information and right to erasure

The Council holds its register of applications electronically. The Councils website hosts details of all applications since 2015, with other applications being held on other systems maintained by the Council, such applications are available to view by appointment at the Councils offices.

We do not publish comments online, but comments will be held electronically as part of the Councils planning register for as long as they are required to be retained, in accordance with the requirements of statutory legislation and the Councils adopted document retention schedule.

As a result of the requirement to retain information as part of the Councils statutory register of applications, it is not always possible for us to remove personal data which forms part of that register. However, we will consider this on a case by case basis, with due regard to the nature of the data and the application in question. Should you wish us to remove your data, please contact us at and we will review your request and respond accordingly. Please provide us with the details of the application you wish us to review.