It is essential that any comments received include a name, an address, and contact details. In exceptional circumstances, we will consider requests to obscure names to protect identities, please contact the Case Officer for the application to discuss.

Comments cannot be treated as confidential, and all representations form part of the public file which is available for inspection at our office by request. They may be made available in the form submitted to us, including any personal data. We may provide copies of them to other parties directly related to the application such as applicants or agents, and consultees such as the Highway Authority. You should also note that in certain circumstances we may be required to provide copies of your comments (including any personal data included) to other bodies, such as the Planning Inspectorate.

You are responsible for your comments. The Council accepts no responsibility for the content of comments. The Council reserves the right to decline to accept, amend or redact comments which are considered to be unacceptable or inappropriate.