What is fraud?

Fraud is the use of trickery or deception in order to gain an unfair or dishonest advantage.

Fraud affects everyone in society. It has a negative impact on individuals, organisations, businesses and communities.

Fraud costs everyone - both through direct impact and indirectly through taxation and increased cost of products and services. Individuals who fall victim to fraud can experience physical, psychological, financial and social damage. 

Don't fall victim to fraud

Follow these tips:

When it's too good to be true!

A scam is a dishonest scheme used by criminals to trick people out of their money. Fraudsters are becoming more cunning and ruthless and scams may not always be obvious at first sight.

Which? have developed a guide to help consumers spot a scam:

How to spot a scam

Cifas - the UK's fraud prevention service also offer advice on how to safe online:

Staying safe online

Don't lose your identity!

Identity theft is when your personal details are stolen and then those details are used to commit fraud. Cifas guidance will show you how to protect yourself and your identity:

Protect your identity