Rectory Farm Planning SPD

The Rectory Farm Planning SPD sets out key information in regards to the development of Rectory Farm

Rectory Farm Supplementary Planning Document

Rectory Farm is a key allocation in the South Kesteven Local Plan, forming an urban extension to Grantham to meet South Kesteven's housing requirements up to 2036. It forms Phase 2 of Grantham's North West Quadrant (NWQ) development, the adjoining Poplar Farm site to its east forming Phase 1 of the North West Quadrant. ( NWQ)

​This Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was adopted in November 2021.

Rectory farm outline

This Supplementary Planning Document has been prepared to add detail to relevant policies in the adopted South Kesteven Local Plan 2011-2036. This document will not only provide guidance for landowners and developers, but also through its preparation as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) the local community and other stakeholders will have the opportunity to influence the future development of the area. A key element of the Planning Brief is the Masterplan Maps which set out the location of the main land uses and supporting infrastructure within and adjacent to the site.


Key Objectives

The key aims of the Rectory Farm SPD are to:


Policy Status

The Design Guidelines supplement the Local Plan Policy GR3-H2 and other relevant Local Plan policies. 

As an SPD, these guidelines will be a material consideration when determining planning applications, meaning that they will be important and carry weight. 



Consultation was undertaken between the 22nd January - 12th February 2019  and the results of this and the subsequent amendments to the SPD are summarised in the Consultation Statement below. 


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