Grants bring fitness trail a step closer

A new 'trim trail' to give adults and children a fun way to boost their fitness is on its way to Jubilee Park in Deeping St James.

It includes a series of outdoor gym equipment spread around the grassy open space, a community area which already has a children's play park.

South Kesteven District Councillors Judy Stevens and Phil Dilks have each donated £330 from their respective Ward Member Grants to help the £12,600 project become a reality.

The project could get off the ground this autumn, helping to improve the park's standing as a leisure destination in the area, making it more family-friendly and at the same time reduce antisocial behaviour.

The idea was originally suggested by the public in a consultation held in the park.

Cllr Phil Dilks said: "A trim trail will lend itself to this area very well. People will be able to jog to it, work out and carry on with their run. The equipment will be robust, adult-sized gym-style metalwork and should last for years. It will enliven the area no end."

Cllr Judy Stevens added: "This used to be rough ground. There wasn't a lot here, not even a bench. Then when it was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and towns were lighting up their beacons, this area became a proper recreation area.

"The fitness equipment will be spread around the park and there will be a plate for each explaining how to use it."

Friends of Jubilee Park Treasurer Carole Bremner said: "Thanks to this we have just about enough money now to make this a reality, so this double donation is very much appreciated.

"We did so well with fund raising through the Dog Show that we got very close and a couple of local charities are going to donate whatever else is needed."

Funding was raised through local and national charities, including the town's United Charities, Deepings Lions, and Rotary.

  • Picture caption 1: Friends of Jubilee Park Treasurer Carole Bremner (left), and Friends Secretary Lesley Coulson receive their donation certificates with Cllr Judy Stevens, Cllr Phil Dilks and Otis the dog.
  • Picture caption 2: Cllr Judy Stevens (left) and Cllr Phil Dilks hand over the donation certificates to Friends of Jubilee Park Treasurer Carole Bremner and Friends Secretary Lesley Coulson.

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