Team to tackle enviro crime

The first recruit to South Kesteven District Council's new team of enviro crime enforcement officers has hit the ground running - issuing four Fixed Penalty Notices on his first day in the job.

A crackdown on anti-social enviro crime has been launched by South Kesteven District Council, with £100 Fixed penalty Notices now being issued to offenders.

SKDC is putting together a team of enforcement officers who will build on the success of the council's acclaimed Big Clean initiative, and form part of its commitment to a higher street standard.

The enforcement officers are issuing FPNs of £100 to anyone caught dropping litter, including cigarette butts and chewing gum, and not clearing up after their dog.

They are wearing body cameras to increase council transparency and prevent incidents of physical and verbal abuse.

Those who refuse to pay may end up in court where they could face a much higher penalty and court costs.

Cllr Dr Peter Moseley, the Cabinet Member for Environment, said: "We needed a solution to effectively tackle the sort of anti-social crime that can blight towns and villages.

"The idea is for people to realise that they cannot drop litter or fail to pick up after their dog without risking a significant financial penalty and our first enforcement officer has made an immediate impact.

"Everybody should be responsible for the environment that we live and work in.

"This is not about making money, it is about backing up the Big Clean and making sure a minority of people do not ruin the environment for those who want to enjoy it.

"Any money that comes in from FPNs goes back into the service and helping to keep the streets clean. There are no targets on the number of FPNs to be issued.

"We are investing a huge amount of money to provide a great street scene for the vast majority of our citizens who value their environment - and want to be hard on those who act irresponsibly."

Income from Fixed Penalty Notices will be used to cover the cost of the council's street scene service.

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