A festival bus ride like no other... through Newton's streets

September's Gravity Fields Festival (26-30 September) offers a bus ride like no other through Grantham streets that Sir Isaac Newton trod as a boy.

Rear View from IOU is an eye catching 'one-of-a-kind' open top vehicle mixing live performance and digital technology.

It's the quirkiest highlight of the science and arts festival supported by South Kesteven District Council - the only one in the UK combining Newton heritage with modern, creative and inspirational interpretations of his legacy.

Passengers will find themselves on a mystery adventure through the town where Newton went to school, lodged in the old apothecary shop, and later drove his cart to market from his home and birthplace at nearby Woolsthorpe Manor.

The mobile auditorium from Yorkshire-based international theatre company IOU has backward facing raked seats and new technology positional sound earphones deliver an imaginary soundscape helping to pose the question:  'If at 65 you could say something to yourself at 23, what would it be?'

Its route is a 70-minute journey with storytelling, poetry and digital projection as a seated audience watch fact blurring with fiction to depict the life of a woman, played out behind the bus.

Inspired by Newton, the arts, science and heritage festival is a line-up of nationally and internationally renowned scientists joining some of the best contemporary talent in the art world in a packed programme of events.

www.gravityfields.co.uk.  Box Office 01476 406158

For media enquiries: Email the SKDC communications team at pr@southkesteven.gov.uk or call 01476 406498 or 406440.