Food Waste Recycling Trial Ready To Begin

Thousands of homes across South Kesteven are preparing to recycle their food waste in a scheme which is the first in Lincolnshire.

The 12-month trial will collect food waste from 4,700 selected homes in Grantham, Stamford, Bourne, The Deepings and several villages.

The trial is being run by the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership and will be funded by Lincolnshire County Council, with South Kesteven District Council volunteering to be the first district in the county to gauge participation rates of this potential new service.

SKDC will be running drop-in sessions (listed below) for residents to show them the new bins and explain the service - with information online and mailed to people's homes to keep them up-to-date.

Residents currently throw food waste away with their other non-recyclable rubbish in their black bins. All of this waste is then processed together at an 'energy from waste' facility.

When food waste is collected separately, it can be processed in a less expensive and more environmentally-friendly way. Using anaerobic digestion, the waste can be turned into a useful fertiliser-like soil conditioner and 'green' electricity generated in the process.

The service will help households see - and reduce - the amount of food they waste, which is estimated to cost the average family £700 per year. It will also help reduce the amount of recycling that is rejected due to contamination by food waste.

Householders on the trial will be provided with a small, silver caddy-style bin for their kitchen, and a larger silver box with a locking lid, which can be kept outside. They will be able to dispose of uneaten food and food waste into the small caddy, which is then emptied into the outside container.

Bread, meat, fish, peelings, dairy products, egg shells, teabags, plate scrapings and any food past its use-by date will all be accepted under the scheme. Waste from the new bins will be collected each week on the usual collection day, alongside both residual waste and recycling.

Cllr Dr Peter Moseley, SKDC Cabinet member for Environment, said: "Many residents are already enthusiastic recyclers and I am sure they will embrace this trial to see where it can take us.

"Councils across Lincolnshire are looking at different ways to meet waste and recycling challenges - and food waste collections may become a permanent part of this, as they are in other parts of the country. This is a positive first for SKDC and for the county as we explore how our food waste could be dealt with in a better way."

Cllr Eddy Poll, Lincolnshire County Council's executive member for Commercial and Environmental Management, said: "The County Council is very pleased to be working as part of the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership to fund this very important trial.

"We need as many residents as possible to take part and help us gather the information we need so we can better manage our waste and recycling strategy for the future."

More information, including the streets in the trial, can be found at

Public drop-in sessions, all between 2.30pm and 6.30pm:

For media enquiries, please email the SKDC communications team at or phone 01476 406498 or 406440.