Food hygiene Rating Scheme (Business)

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

The Food Standards Agency introduced the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) to enable the public to know how well food businesses are compiling with food safety law.

The food team at South Kesteven District Council award an FHRS rating after a food hygiene inspection. Usually the officer will be able to tell you straight away what your score is and will give you a sticker to place in the your window for the public to see.

The score range:

5- Very Good

4- Good

3- Generally satisfactory

2- Improvement necessary

1- Major improvement necessary

0- Urgent improvement necessary

If you have scored less than 5, the officer will tell you what needs to be improved and what time scales you have to make these improvements.  Once these are done, you are able to apply for a 're-score'.

You can request a re-score at any time after your inspection.  Full payment must be made before the inspection can take place.

Cost: £150.00 inclusive of VAT.

How to apply for a rescore.

To request a rescore visit, you will need to complete an application form, remember to include details of the improvements that you have made since your last inspection.

You can download the application form here but you will need to send the completed form back to Environmental Health, South Kesteven District Council, or email it to You will need to make sure that you either phone or call into the Council offices to make your payment. We have offices at the Civic Centre in Grantham, Bourne and Stamford where you can make payments but please note, we do not accept cash payments.

Once your application has been received, an officer will undertake an inspection of your premises - this will take place within three months of your application. The inspection will be unannounced and will be a full inspection - this means the officer will not just look at the things that were wrong at your first inspection but will cover all aspects of food safety.

Please be aware that your score can go up, down or remain the same depending on what the officer finds during your rescore inspection.