Food waste recycling

What it is, who's involved and what to do if you are!

South Kesteven District Council's pioneering food waste collection is proving a resounding success with over 4,000 households involved.

The pilot scheme includes parts of Grantham, Stamford, Bourne and several surrounding villages (click here to find out if your house is included).

It is run in conjunction with Lincolnshire County Council on behalf of the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership and is reducing the amount of recycling that is rejected because of contamination by food. 

The food waste is taken to a waste transfer station before there is enough to take to a local anaerobic digestion plant, where it will be treated and turned into a soil conditioner, with by-product gases being used to generate 'green' electricity.

We're proud to be the first district council in Lincolnshire to launch this new service, which around half of councils currently provide and which has helped collect 1,000s of tonnes of food waste that would otherwise be sent for incineration.

Food waste image