The strategy was adopted on 28 January 2019, the announcement document can be seen below: 

pdf icon JMWMS adoption announcement [186kb]

South Kesteven District Council is joining forces with other local authorities across Lincolnshire to tackle the many challenges of dealing with the county's waste and recycling.

The Lincolnshire Waste Partnership, which includes Lincolnshire County Council and all seven district authorities, wants to formulate the best and most environmentally sustainable waste strategy for the future.

The LWP has put together a Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy outlining future plans to reduce levels of contamination in recycling and improve how non-recyclable waste is disposed of.

But the future of waste management will not be decided by these councils alone as residents of Lincolnshire are also being given the opportunity to help shape what happens in the future.

To minimise the quantity of printed documents, residents can give their views online through the release of a consultation document which is available on line until 2 July at

South Kesteven District Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Dr Peter Moseley, said: "This strategy sets out how we will all work together to deliver services which protect the environment and provide value for money.

"The Partnership's previous JMWMS was adopted in 2008, which is why a new one is being developed.

"Over the past year or so a fresh draft Strategy has been put together, and we would like to know what others think of it, so a period of public consultation when people can read the draft plan will run until 2 July, and we look forward to hearing what people think."

In Lincolnshire, around 360,000 tonnes of municipal waste is produced each year - about half a tonne of waste per year for each person living in Lincolnshire.

Cllr Eddy Poll, chairman of Lincolnshire Waste Partnership, said: "Looking at how we currently collect and dispose of waste there are a number of challenges we are facing.

"To overcome these challenges we have put some recommendations in place and now we want to know whether people in Lincolnshire agree with these.

"There are new challenges for us all, including: delivering the best possible service when the local authority budget has been greatly reduced and turning around a recycling rate which has begun to fall both locally and nationally.

"We want to hear from county residents on this important issue and find out what they want to see happen in the future."