Dog owner's emotional reunion after two years

A woman from Brighton has been re-united with her dog two years after he went missing, thanks to South Kesteven District Council's dog warden service.

Despite being 39 weeks pregnant, Jodie Dellow drove from her home in East Sussex to Lincolnshire and back overnight to collect her straying pet.

Chance, a Rottweiler/Mastiff cross was staying with Jodie's family in Leicester when he went missing in 2016. 

Despite posters, social media campaigns, contact with the RSPCA, police and offers of a reward, there was no sign of him, until he was found tied to a gatepost in Woolsthorpe by Belvoir and reported to South Kesteven District Council's dog warden service.

With the dog collected, safely housed at local kennels and his picture posted on the SKDC web site, the missing pet networks went into overdrive and the news reached a delighted Jodie.

Any remaining doubts over her ownership were removed by the dog's instant response when she called his name and when he remembered his puppy trick of a massive 'woof' on command.

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"It was very emotional," said Jodie. "My mother gave Chance to me as an eight week old puppy in 2012 and I am so grateful to the council for helping me get him back. We are all over the moon.

"They were incredibly helpful when I phoned, did all the right things to make sure he was my dog and pulled out all the stops so that I could come straightaway and collect him. I have a very simple message to anyone losing a dog. Never give up hope of finding them."

SKDC operates a year-round dog warden service, offering out of hours contacts, a collection service and, unusually, photos of lost dogs posted on its web site.

"We are very proud of the service that we offer and this sort of outcome is brilliant," said Cllr Dr Peter Moseley, SKDC Cabinet Member for Environment.   "Without his picture posted online, Chance might never have found his way home.

"What a great outcome this was, proving the value of our dog warden service.  It's a really positive example of partners working together to get the very best outcome and, as a dog owner myself, it's a really heartwarming ending."

"And where owners don't come forward, we have an excellent record of re-homing."

Just days after the reunion, Jodie gave birth to a bouncing baby boy called Archie.

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Caption:  Jodie Dellow and Chance - reunited after two years

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