Senior Team

A list of the Senior Team at South Kesteven District Council. A list of the Senior Team at South Kesteven District Council.

Aidan Rave - Chief Executive

Aidan Rave - Chief Executive 

Debbie Mogg staff photo

Debbie Muddimer -
Strategic Director- resources

Paul Thomas - Strategic Director

Paul Thomas -
Strategic Director Growth

Lee Sirdifield

Lee Sirdifield - Asst Chief Exec,
Transformation and Change

Tracey Blackwell – Strategic Director

Tracey Blackwell -
Strategic Advisor - Housing
led regeneration

Senior Team

Senior ManagerAreas of responsibility
Richard Wyles, Assistant Director - ResourcesFinance, Revenues, Benefits, Exchequer Services, ICT, Customer Services
Solicitor to the Council (Assistant Director) - Vacant postLegal, Democratic Services, Elections and Electoral Registration
Harrinder Rai - Assistant Director - HousingHousing Services, Housing Strategy and Needs, Housing Development and Improvement, Responsive Housing Repairs
Ian Yates, Assistant Director - Commercial & OperationalStreet Care Services, Neighbourhoods, Environmental Health, Grounds Maintenance, Building Control
Lee Sirdifield, Assistant Chief Executive, Transformation and Change Human Resources and Organisational Development, Performance and Change, Transformation, Communications
Jane McDaid, Assistant Director - GrowthProject Delivery, General Fund Asset Management