The Big Clean

Welcome to the Big Clean and thank you for taking the time to help us improve the cleanliness of your neighbourhood.

2018 'little clean' Team schedules

MON11/06/18GRANTHAMSankt Augustin Way
TUE12/06/18GRANTHAMWharf Road
WED13/06/18GRANTHAMGrantley, Norton, Elton & Fletcher Street
THU14/06/18GRANTHAMQueen Street & Launder Terrace
FRI15/06/18GRANTHAMCommercial Road, William Street & Brewery Hill
MON18/06/18GRANTHAMStation Road & Ryecroft Street
TUE19/06/18GRANTHAMSt Catherine's Road
WED20/06/18GRANTHAMCambridge, Newton & Eton Street
THU21/06/18GRANTHAMCollege, Oxford & Harrow Street
FRI22/06/18GRANTHAMTennyson Avenue
MON25/06/18GRANTHAMShelley & Shakespeare Avenue
TUE26/06/18GRANTHAMByron & Keats Avenue
WED27/06/18GRANTHAMKippling, Wordsworth & Chaucer Close
THU28/06/18GRANTHAMBurns Close, Rossetti Court & Moat Walk
FRI29/06/18GRANTHAMWatergate, Swinegate & Vine Street
MON02/07/18GRANTHAMRedcross Street & Alford Street
TUE03/07/18GRANTHAMPark Road & Slate Mill Place
WED04/07/18GRANTHAMManthorpe Road 
THU05/07/18GRANTHAMBelton Lane
FRI06/07/18GRANTHAMHarrowby Lane


MON11/06/18STAMFORDHigh Street St Martins
TUE12/06/18STAMFORDBarnack Road
WED13/06/18STAMFORDKettering Road & Pinfold Lane
THU14/06/18STAMFORDChurch Road & Church Street
FRI15/06/18STAMFORDWothorpe Road
MON18/06/18STAMFORDStation Road
TUE19/06/18STAMFORDGresley Drive
WED20/06/18STAMFORDSt Martins Close & Malting Yard
THU21/06/18STAMFORDWater Street
FRI22/06/18STAMFORDWelland Mews
MON25/06/18STAMFORDWharf Road
TUE26/06/18STAMFORDAlbert Road, Gas Street & Belton Street
WED27/06/18STAMFORDPriory Road
THU28/06/18STAMFORDCherryholt Road and Cherryholt Lane
FRI29/06/18STAMFORDBrownlow Street, Back Lane & Adelaide Street
MON02/07/18STAMFORDBrazenose Lane & Priory Gardens
TUE03/07/18STAMFORDUffington Road
WED04/07/18STAMFORDMelbourne Road & St George's Avenue
THU05/07/18STAMFORDRyhall Road
FRI06/07/18STAMFORDRyhall Road

Our Big Clean teams have now completed our initial 12 week programme, transforming the district's 'grotspots', and raising the street standard across South Kesteven. 
Thank you to all residents, businesses and volunteers who have worked with us during this period, your contribution has been invaluable.
The cleanliness of our district is one of our top priorities, and The Big Clean continues to focus on this. 
A dedicated team will now begin working across the district, and will address the areas reported.  To help simplify the process we have made a few changes.

Important information

The following items are now being dealt with by our day to day street cleansing teams so please submit your report via the following link:


Please note that we will not be able to deal with any issues reported on private land, which should be taken up with the land owner.

The Big Clean - Report it

Or by calling 01476 40 60 66 

The Big Clean - the bigger picture

Why not take a look at what residents have taken the time to report to us so far. If you see something in your neighbourhood you wish to tell us about, simply use the reporting tool to let us know.

Remember to follow #SKBigClean on social media as the project develops.