Place only the correct items in your garden waste bin

New and existing customers of SKDC's garden waste collection service are being advised to only place the correct items in their green bins.

Flowers, plants, leaves, bark, hedge trimmings, grass cuttings, weeds, twigs and small branches are the only items that can be collected.

Residents should not place soil and compost, egg shells, fruit and vegetables, sawdust, stones, animal waste or bedding, tea bags, carrier bags, paper, cardboard or plant pots in their green bins.

SKDC's Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr Dr Peter Moseley said: "Contamination in green bins increases the cost of disposal, which can in turn pass down to our green bin fees. 

"Ensuring customers put the correct items in their green bins is very important and will help us keep the cost of our very successful green waste collection low."

Soil and rubble from house clearances should be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centres in Grantham or Bourne or a reputable skip hire firm should be employed to remove these items.

Residents can renew or register for the service and find additional information on its frequently asked questions page. Find out more >>

They can even grab a discount if paying by direct debit.