Housing strategies and policies

Here you can view and download our housing policies and strategies.

The Housing Strategy 2020-2024 is the product of consultation with a range of stakeholders and draws upon multiple data sources in setting out an ambitious vision for the future of the district within the context of the corporate priority of housing.


At the heart of the strategy is the belief that homes are a fundamental part of our lives. Houses should be 'healthy', good quality, sustainable and secure, providing the environment for people to thrive and achieve.


Four main themes with associated outcomes have been developed and will be our focus over the next four years.

Theme 1: Help to meet the housing needs of residents

Theme 2: Facilitate the delivery of new housing across a range of tenures

Theme 3: Enable those whose independence may be at risk to access housing (including their current home) that meets their needs

Theme 4: Encourage, support and regulate the private sector to provide well managed, safe homes

Action plan and monitoring

Our strategy sets out how we intend to deliver outcomes over the next four years and will be regularly monitored by the Cabinet Member for Communities. Progress will be reported annually to the relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committees where achievements, progress and any future challenges will be reviewed.

While we have specified action periods for each outcome in our action plan, the delivery of the activities will be planned annually and regularly updated. 

Other related strategies, policies and reports

Private sector housing