Always check identification of callers at your home

We're reminding tenants and residents that if callers to your home claim to be from any organisation that an ID card should always be checked.

Man checking ID card at the door

If the caller cannot produce any identification then don't let them in. If they are genuine, they will return with the appropriate ID.  

SKDC officers always carry clear identification badges with the SKDC logo.

Council officers will never demand immediate payment for any council service when calling at a property. Outstanding amounts can be paid online, by telephone, in person at council offices or at allpay outlets.

Don't get caught out. If you have any doubt do not answer the door at home or close the door of your property immediately.

To check if the caller is authentic you can call the council on 01476 40 60 80 and ask to speak to a team leader for the caller.  If the caller is genuine and from the council they will not mind waiting outside whilst you check their identity.