Iconic Isaac Apple returns to park

An iconic Grantham sculpture has been refurbished and returned to its home in one of the town's parks.

The newly refurbished Isaac's Apple was unveiled by Mayor of Grantham Cllr Linda Wootten, far left

Wyndham Park's Isaac Apple was unveiled after months of restorative work on October 14.

A short ceremony saw the new sculpture welcomed back by the Mayor of Grantham Cllr Linda Wootten, Wyndham Park Forum, SKDC and members of local Grantham history groups.

Nigel Sardeson who carved the sculpture in 2010 also attended and was praised for his careful restoration after fungal growth became evident earlier this year.

Aided by tree surgeons Jayne and Paul Bavin, the hand was cut off at the wrist in February and dried out and treated to prevent further decay.

The new Isaac's Apple in Wyndham Park

Cllr Wootten said: "The refurbished apple looks wonderful and my congratulations go to Nigel, Jayne and Paul for their work.

"It is a focal point within Wyndham Park and it's good to have it back for all to enjoy."

Information about the Sensory Garden was also provided in a display at the event by Wyndham Park Forum secretary Elizabeth Bowskill.

She said: "There is no doubt that something has been missing from the park in the last few months and the apple looks lovely from the road as you pass it.

"A huge thank you to Nigel for taking the time and effort to retrieve his artwork and save it.

"Thank you to Jayne and Paul Bavin who donated time and equipment to do the heavy lifting and a special thanks to those who helped us raise the money to complete the project."

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