Communities asked to consider Neighbourhood Development Plans

SKDC is reminding parishes and local communities of the opportunity available to prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan for their locality, under Government legislation.

Neighbourhood planning is important as it enables communities to create policies and proposals which influence the form of development in their area. 

At present, there are two adopted Neighbourhood Plans in South Kesteven at Stubton and Hough on the Hill which have been in place since 2015. 

Other neighbourhood groups are making good progress on their plans too and some are at quite advanced stages with the Foston Neighbourhood Plan recently published for consultation and other groups are not far behind. See the Foston Neighbourhood Plan consultation >>

There has also been a recent increase in new neighbourhood areas getting designated, including one multi-parish area 'Aveland', which is made up of four parishes in the Aveland Ward.

The council is now encouraging communities to be involved and take advantage of opportunities such as the current consultation on the Foston Neighbourhood Plan.

For further information, please contact our Planning Policy Team at SKDC on 01476 40 60 80.