Foston Neighbourhood Development Plan archive

The proposed Foston Neighbourhood Development Plan has been produced by Foston Parish Council in consultation with residents, businesses, landowners and other stakeholder organisations.

The Foston Neighbourhood Plan was subject to Referendum on 4 May 2017. More than half of those who voted, voted in favour of South Kesteven District Council using the Foston Neighbourhood Plan to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area.

 A copy of the Declaration of Result for the Foston Neighbourhood Plan Referendum can be found below. 

The Neighbourhood Development Plan covers the civil parish of Foston and seeks to guide the future development of the parish up until 2026. It includes a vision and a set of objectives for the parish, as well as a series of neighbourhood wide policies. 


The examiner's report into the plan was received on the 20 February 2017.  Subject to the recommended changes, the examiner found that the plan meets the basic conditions in terms of:

  • having appropriate regard to national planning policy
  • contributing to the achievement of sustainable development
  • being in general conformity with the strategic policies in the development plan for the local area
  • being compatible with human rights requirements
  • being compatible with European Union obligations

The examiner also recommended to the council that, subject to the modifications proposed, the plan should proceed to a Referendum.

Foston Parish Council have given the examiner's report due consideration and agree the recommended amendments should be made to the plan.

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