You can report a noise nuisance by phone or email as below.
Telephone01476 40 60 80

If the noise is associated with anti-social behaviour, please see information on how to report this to us >>

If you are reporting a noise nuisance you need to tell us

  • where the noise in coming from - the address
  • a description of the noise
  • details of the noise - time of day
  • how often the noise disturbance occurs
  • if it is a car alarm, the vehicle registration

We will not disclose any personal information about who has made a complaint . However, If  enforcement action is taken and the case  goes to court you may be asked to provide a witness statement and/or appear in court. You do not have to appear if you do not want to but it may help the case if you do.

You should continue to keep a noise diary - recording the dates and times of the noise, how it affects you and start and end times.