CLOSED4-week consultation
(13/01/2016 to 4/02/2016)
  • South Kesteven residents
  • local businesses
  • press release
  • SKDC website
  • online survey
  • social media
  • presentations
  • district-wide


The purpose of this consultation was to help us ascertain if local residents and businesses would be prepared to accept an increase of £5 a year on their element of council tax for 2016/17. An increase of £5 per year for a Band D property is just under 10 pence per week and for the majority of South Kesteven residents who live in a Band A property, this proposed increase works out at just over six pence per week (£3.33 per year).

Summary of actions

To ensure that our stakeholders were aware of the consultation, a press release was distributed to media outlets, it was promoted on social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) and it was featured on the SKDC website homepage. Additionally, to ensure local business participation, presentations were given to the Grantham and Stamford business clubs.

In total, 55 responses were received for this consultation. The majority of respondents were in favour of the proposal of raising council tax by £5 a year, while two-fifths of participants were against it.


You said:

The majority of respondents indicated that they were in favour of a £5 a year increase on their element of council tax for 2016/17.

We did: 

Respondent feedback was presented to senior management and South Kesteven District Council's Executive. The council tax increase was then considered by Full Council on 29 February 2016 and subsequently approved.