5 weeks
(16/10/2015 to 20/11/2015)

  • Citizens' Panel
  • online
  • postal surveys
  • district-wide


The purpose of this consultation was to find out whether the things the citizens' panel told us were important in 2011 were still important in 2015.

Summary of actions

This consultation was only for SKDC's Citizens' Panel members and they were contacted directly either by post or electronically. Panel members were given details on the process the council went through to set its priorities back in 2011 and told that the council had identified four priorities. They are:

  • Grow the economy
  • Keep SK Clean, green and healthy
  • Promote leisure, arts and culture
  • Support good housing for all

Panel members were then asked if these priorities are still important to them now and whether we are concentrating on the right areas under each respective priority.

 In total, 398 responses were received from members. 


Feedback indicated that 83% of panel members support our council priorities, while 11% said they didn't and 6% didn't know. Whilst this is still very strong support, it is slightly lower than in 2013 where 91% of respondents supported our council priorities.

Even more encouraging was the fact that when we asked panel members which specific areas are most important to them, the top five in 2015 were the same as in 2013. They were:

  • Reducing the number of empty shops
  • Good transport facilities and connections
  • Bringing empty homes back into use
  • Clean streets
  • Attracting businesses to the area

Overall, this consultation provided the council with a strong mandate to continue focusing on the same priorities and the same areas.