CLOSED7-week consultation
(14/12/2015 to 31/01/2016)
  • businesses
  • residents
  • education sector
  • charity sector
  • press release
  • SKDC website
  • online survey
  • social media
  • district-wide


This consultation has been used to help identify and clarify the outcomes associated with the council's new Economic Development Strategy.

Before South Kesteven District Council set and finalised our new strategy, we wanted to get our stakeholders views on the strategy's four core themes. These four themes were:

1)      Encouraging high value jobs across our four towns and rural areas

2)      Expanding the visitor economy and attracting inward investment

3)      Addressing the skills and employment challenges to meet current and future needs

4)      Establishing Grantham as a leading sub-regional centre

These areas were underpinned by a fifth theme, which is to ensure that key components are in position for growth to take place.

Summary of actions

In all, 117 responses were received from businesses, residents, representatives from the education sector and members of the charity sector. To ensure that stakeholders were aware of the consultation, a press release was distributed (which resulted in articles in the Grantham Target and Grantham Matters), it was advertised on the South Kesteven District Council website homepage and the exercise was promoted on social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).


Looking at the feedback from all stakeholders, it was evident that there was strong support from respondents. Participants agreed with the different themes identified in the strategy and the majority of them also thought SKDC was concentrating on the right areas within each theme.