CLOSED8-week consultation
(20/01/2016 to 20/03/2016)
  • South Kesteven residents
  • press release
  • SKDC website
  • online survey
  • social media
  • district-wide


The purpose of this consultation was to ask local residents and stakeholders what they think of South Kesteven District Council's draft Air Quality Action Plan, which sets out measures aimed at improving the air in the district.

Summary of actions

In total, 20 responses were received; all of which were completed online. Despite the consultation being open to everyone in the district, this was an extremely low participation rate. To ensure that residents were aware of the consultation, a press release was distributed (which resulted in an article in the Grantham Journal), it was advertised on the South Kesteven District Council website homepage and the exercise was promoted on social media (Twitter and Facebook).


The feedback that we received from respondents indicates that residents are largely content with the air quality across the district. When asked how they would rate the air quality in South Kesteven, 45% said it was average, 35% indicated it was good or very good, 15% stated it was poor or very poor, and 5% didn't know.